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21 june

As an Immigration Lawyer with over 25 years experience in the business I can tell you that one of the questions I am constantly being asked by clients is if I can guarantee them a job before they make the decision to make a visa application. This is rather a difficult thing to do because even though there is the Australian government has a dedicated resource for the visa Employer Nominated 186 Subclass which allows an Employer to Sponsor a Foreign National and employ them the system is fraught with challenges making it not very popular.

However as may be expected most applicants want to have their jobs secured before they hit the shores Down Under. Though due to many extenuating circumstances it is often more expedient to go to the country and find the job when you get there. And please be assured that this way of entering the country, ie without the job secured first is a very common occurrence and most people who take this route will find employment within the first three months of landing. This is because there is a dire shortage of qualified applicants in Australia and jobs are abundant.

International Visas has introduced a weekly or bi weekly Australian Jobs Board

Therefore International Visas through our website has introduced a weekly or bi weekly Australian Jobs Board where you can check whether there is a job on offer before you take the leap of investing in a visa. However do be wary that the jobs will often need to be filled in a short space of time so for you to start your visas application at the time you see the job it may be that the job has already been taken by the time your visa come through. Which is why I say that is advisable to start your visa application at the earliest possible time once you have made up your mind to migrate to Australia. Then when the job is advertised your papers are ready and you are prepared for the interview stage and the whole proceed is less arduous.

Albeit International Visas will post job opportunities regularly for the benefit of our clients.

I am also often asked for lists of Australian companies that are willing to sponsor Zimbabwean nationals. This is also impossible. The applicant has no idea where to look. This combined with fact the Australian companies that are willing to sponsor foreign individuals do not make themselves known and the foreign applicants on job boards used in Zimbabwe and therefore it is difficult to post advertisements to candidates seeking sponsorship in Australia.

The common scenario is that the employers advertise on Australian job sites that only Australian employees are familiar with. However potential candidates who are fully eligible for the jobs do not get to see them and so there is a large disconnect with Australian companies willing to sponsor candidates and those seeking sponsorship. The process that you have to go through when you are looking for sponsored jobs in Australia is first you must be aware of whether or not that particular employer can sponsor you or not.

It is insufficient to be aware that the potential job is on Skilled List. This is because the Australian Migration Department require employers to meet strict eligibility criteria and have their potential intentions to sponsor candidates approved first. What then makes the process further complicated is the fact that may have registered their intention to take international candidates however the Australian government does not publicly list this information. Because it is difficult if neigh not on impossible to marry the two ie to find the list of Australian Companies that are willing to sponsor foreign nationals and the actual job that is being advertised for potential employees. This is where International Visas has stepped in to assist. And we will list the job and company for your ease of reference. To be honest a definitive list of Australian companies willing to sponsor foreigners is not available this is why International Visas will provide you with a consolidated list of vacancies for all the jobs that are being advertised for sponsorship. So should your qualifications and job experience meet with that which the companies are willing to sponsor we will help facilitate the employment. We take an exert of the job advert and add this to our database of jobs and also provide you with the original advertisement so that you are free to apply.

It has come to my attention that sometimes job advertisements may be rather vague and some employers that are not willing to sponsor may look as if they really are when they are not. Therefore we manually seek to add legitimate jobs and companies that are genuinely willing to sponsor on our database of jobs which are genuinely available for Zimbabweans to apply to.

Without being in the country finding an Australian sponsor is often the most difficult part of emigrating to Australia. This is because a large number of Australian jobs are not actually advertised and they can only be located in the Australian “hidden job market”. Furthermore unfortunately you are unlikely to find a job through a recruitment agent. Recent changes to the Australian Immigration Laws require the employers to provide evidence of the fact that the job has been advertised locally reducing the opportunity for the job becoming a sponsored job. As it makes it less attractive to employers as there is due to be a time delay which is why you should have your visa ready even before the job has been advertised.

Therefore our advice is if your aim is to emigrate to Australia it is advisable to contact us and come for a “One on One Tutorial on How you can find a Job in Australia”.

We are based at 23 Kew Drive Highlands Harare Zimbabwe and despite there is the lockdown we are open for business as usual, we work on an appointment only basis and should you require we will arrange Zoom, Skype or we can even provide WhatsApp consultations for the convenience and safety of our clients.

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