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Expats from all over the world regard Australia as an attractive destination primarily because of its excellent climate and natural environment.

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An Attractive Destination

Also even with the current economic downturn there are still a steady number of foreign applicants seeking to migrate to Australia as it is one of the least affected countries in the world.

There are still a lot of skills shortages in the Australian labour market which creates excellent opportunities for people who possess specific skills which are in demand to migrate and start a new life in Australia.
However although Australia is one of the most sought out migration locations worldwide it has one of the most complicated immigration systems in the world. Contact IV for guidance on how to navigate this complicated migration programme.

Australian Skilled Visas

Permanent and provisional visas are available for skilled applicants with qualifications and employment experience that matches Australian needs.


Australia Partner and Family Migration

These visas are available for those who want to join their family in Australia as prospective marriage visa applicants, spouses or de facto partners. There is also a programme available for elderly parents to join their children with permanent Australian Visas.



Australian Business Visas

Migration options are available for successful business innovators and investors who want to contribute to the Australian Economy.

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