Be prepared for the next chapter in your life.

16 Nov

It is no secret that the Covid 19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world and understandably most of all in the travel and immigration sectors. With the world changing before our eyes and humanity having to get used to a “new normal” our lawyers at International Visas advise that NOW is the time to consider that move that you have been putting off and submit that visa application you have been thinking about making.

Permanent migration applications (such as work permits, spousal/de facto applications, family reunion, settlement applications) to the Big 5 countries, which we deal with, namely visa applications to Australia, Canada, UK, USA and New Zealand take months and in some cases over a year to be approved. This is because it these a lengthily and complex applications however the time that it takes is usually extended unintentionally usually because people unwittingly submit applications that fail to satisfy the requirements. This is why we advise that you seek proper legal advice from International Visas prior to making mistakes that will cost you time in the long run.

However this having been said ALL of these countries are still actively processing applications. Their immigration departments are all still open and are actively considering applications as we speak. It makes no sense to wait until the boarders are actually already open to start scurrying around to make your application, you will be at the back of a very long queue! Although you may not be expected to receive a decision in the time frames of prior to the pandemic you will definitely receive a decision within a couple of months longer than it was.

Then start preparing the voluminous paperwork, it is no secret that there is a lot of paperwork that is required for your application to be considered and when ready submitting the application for processing by the government authorities. In order for your application to be successful in Australia, Canada, UK, USA or New Zealand you have to have the right amount of educational qualifications, previous work experience, complimentary work references, be of a certain level of health, have sufficient grasp of English and be of a certain age.

And even though it is taking longer to process applications the requirements remain the same. Furthermore in some cases the medical requirements are even stricter and more arduous than the pre Covid19 times as countries try to keep their nationals safe.

As seasoned immigration lawyers International Visas who have been making applications for 25 years we believe that right now is the ideal time for you to be getting in touch with us and seek advice on what your options are for making an application to the country you desire. Furthermore we advise in detail all of the documentary evidence which is needed and how the process actually works in your particular country of interest. As different countries have different requirements which need to be met within a certain amount of time.

We assist to make the application by carefully making sure that the documentation you are providing will satisfy the requirements of the immigration authorities of the different countries. If there is something wrong with the documentation you produce we makes suggestions and advise how to obtain correct documentation that will be satisfy the immigration authorities. We will NOT submit any applications with documents that are missing or incorrect.

As your lawyer we will be careful ensure that you are making the application that has the most likely chance of being successful. International Visas being lawyers who have made literally hundreds of these applications we are aware of where the pitfalls are and will carefully steer you in the correct direction.

From then on we will then keep an eye on the application, making timely enquiries upon the progress that has been made and if there are any problems that may threaten the success of the application. Should there be any problems we will then take the appropriate action to make sure that the application is not outrightly rejected.

By the time your application has been approved it is inevitable that international travel will once again be possible over the next year or so when the pandemic has been brought under control. For like everything else “This too shall pass!”.

This is because as a matter of fact none of the Big 5 countries can survive without immigration from Africa ( the continent with the youngest population in the world) into their countries as they do not have enough people to do the jobs of their own countries.

So although the time for you to start packing your bags is yet to come we suggest that you visit us at International Visas and find out what is required, likely timescales, costs, processes and procedures.

See for up to date information on “Which countries have closed and which countries have open borders”.

So our advice is for you to come and see us now! And don’t procrastinate – be prepared for that next chapter of your life.

We are based at 23 Kew Drive Highlands Harare Zimbabwe and although we are open for business as usual we work on an appointment only basis and should you require we will arrange Zoom, Skype or even WhatsApp consultations for the convenience and safety of our clients.

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  • Juliet manyumbu

    Well said Ms Kusema, Thanks !
    How much is your consultation fees to start the process or for you to see if my points qualify to migrate to canada.

    Site administrator

    Thanks for getting in touch Juliet. Email me your CV to us at That will help me to assess your eligibility and some of the visa options that could be right for you.

  • Gerry Jones

    Wonderfull, Thanks !
    How long does it takes the whole process to get a family visa.

    Site administrator

    Thanks for getting in touch Gerry. Email me your CV to us at That will help me to assess your eligibility and some of the visa options that could be right for you.

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