With Covid-19 at our doorstep the world looks very different to what it did even just a few weeks ago and has become a scary place for a lot of us.  It is a difficult time for all.  In light of the 21 lockdown in Zimbabwe International Visas has had to physically close its operations from 23 Kew Drive Highlands Harare however we want to reassure you that we are very much still open and in the migration business. 

The coronavirus has come and rest assured it will go however we are here and continue to be dedicated to get you to where you want and to live, study, work or retire throughout the world when the time comes.  Resultantly it is important to stay ahead of the curve and start to have your immigration situation sorted out now whilst the traffic is still low.

International Visas will continue to run a virtual satellite office providing you with all the support you need where you can get real time information about each country’s current immigration laws, advice, free assessments as to your eligibility and free consultations and we will continue to process  applications.

All you need to do is to book an appointment with us by calling or sending a WhatsApp to +263 77220 5266 or emailing agnes@international-visas.net for a “FREE OF CHARGE” telephone assessment or “one on one” Skype/Zoom consultation with a lawyer who has over 25 years experience in international immigration law.  And together we can explore what your options are going to be once this pandemic has blown over.  As although international travel has come to a temporary halt most countries have continued to process applications for settlement visas, work permits, spousal and fiancé(e), ancestry visas etc.

Different countries’ policies, guidelines and handling of applications based on the impact of the  coronavirus pandemic are extremely fluid and are subject to change at very short notice.  We shall be monitoring each country’s immigration laws and policies which may impact upon you due to the virus closely; so keep up to date with all changes on our COVID-19 News Feed which will contain blogs and articles we will be posting on our website.

In the meantime STAY HOME and STAY SAFE but keep in touch.