Is 2021 The Year for You to Move to Canada : The Country with the Best Quality of Life.

23 Dec

If it is a better quality of life that you are after for you and your family then look no further than Canada. For the fourth year in a row Canada has come out top in the list of countries for the best Quality of Life according to the 2020 Best Countries Report (A partnership between the BAV Group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvanian)

Quality of life

Canada was recently listed as the happiest county on the planet. As the second largest country in the world yet with a population density of merely 4 people per kilometre square. Canada is deserving of its position as a favourite for migrants. It takes first place in the sub rankings for Quality of Life. Besides the ample space to live Canada bags 1st position following an evaluation of numerous attribute such as affordability of living and income equality.


Without a doubt Canada’s immigration systems is one of the world’s most progressive and sophisticated systems. Canada’s immigration systems are effective and with a government that sees migrants as assets it has accordingly invested millions of CAD annually (a whopping 750 million this year in modernising their immigration system) to assist new migrants to settle into the Canadian way of life.

It is predicted in 2021 that Canada will take in an excess of 400 000 newcomers for permanent residence. This is because as one of the world’s economic superpowers it is essential to maintain international and local trade, technology and production demands its position puts upon it. So, in a bid to keep its super power position it takes a large number of migrants.

Canada takes second place in the world in the number of new citizens it takes in coming in behind only to Sweden. When considering the new citizen’s position regarding citizenship the report considered several factors such as the well-distribution of political power, human rights for all, protection of the environment and freedom of religious affiliation.

Foresight and open immigration policies leads directly into increasing both the long-term and short-term prospects of the country.

Furthermore an example of how Canada treats migrants is when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit many international students were left facing a great deal of uncertainty. In a swift response to the situation the government created a programme where schools and universities could submit a “Covid19 Readiness Plan”. If the institution’s plan meets the government criteria it would be approved to have students return to class. Ensuring that there was minimal disruption and risk to the staff, students, and surrounding communities for and the international student fraternity got back on its feet as soon as possible.

Openness for Business

After ranking seventh in Openness for Business sub ranking in 2019 Canada made huge strides to come in at third place in 2020. The factors taken into consideration when ranking Canada as third in the world were how unbeaurcratic and transparent its processes were, how little corruption there was, how favourable the tax environment was and the low cost of manufacturing.

Raising a Family

Canada came in fifth in the Survey of the Best Countries to Raise a Kid, beaten only by Nordic countries. The attributes which gave Canada its high ranking was that it was family friendly, the happiness of its inhabitants, income equality, safety and a well-developed health care and public education system.


As the country grows there are more than enough jobs for the current citizens, and more and more are being created every day. This is evidenced by the fact that even after six months 40% of job vacancies remain unfilled so it makes sense that Canada has turned to importing skills and talent from the worldwide pool.

Entrepreneurial Destination

Here Canada ranks sixth in the world. This is based on how well educated the population is, the ease of accessing capital, the country’s interconnectivity with the rest of the world, an infrastructure that promotes and supports entrepreneurialism and well-established legal frameworks for new companies to thrive in. 

Furthermore, being a country of immigrants the fact that Canada’s ranking is so hight is by no means a surprise. Immigrants are naturally very entrepreneurial, and this does a great deal to assist Canada’s economic prosperity.


Canada has one of the most stable banking systems according to the World Economic Forum. The country boasts no significant debt and an exceptionally low inflation rate making the cost of living highly affordable.


Canada came second in the Best Countries to Headquarter a Corporation. This is because the citizens enjoyed such a high quality of living and the government has excellent international relations.


As one of the safest places on earth Canada is well renown for its minimal crime rates. With an astounding 130 convicts per 100 000 citizens. Canada is one of the few countries in the world with a declining prison population and this has been the case since 2005.


Canada has welcomed 1.2 million newcomers in three years. This is unprecedented for a first world country.Therefore, if you are considering a move in 2021 why not make it to the “Best Country to Live In”.

So, our advice is for you to come and see us now! And do not procrastinate – be prepared for that next chapter of your life.

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